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Team and Club solutions

It’s a big job to run an entire team, club or organisation. Spend time developing and enabling your team to deliver – without letting administration tasks get in the way.

Get organised

Coach’s Companion makes management easy. You’re in control – Build reporting relationships and structures, manage organisational positions, create unique roles, groups and new registered users, and track wellness – all from one place.

Create development plans

What do you want your team, club or organisation to achieve? Is success on the field the only criteria? Take the responsibility to help your club members develop as people. Create objectives and construct development plans to share with anyone.

Help others learn about themselves

Design, assign, review and manage assessments to learn what your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses are. Help your teams identify and work on their blind spots and embrace their hidden talents. Be an expert to mentor others – within your teams and for other organisations.


Create, manage and keep track of all conversations, and create actions and targets to act on them. Facilitate conversations and reflexive analysis. Communicate with your own teams, your customers and other contacts. Collaborate, build your profile and market your club and content with Coach’s Companion.

Create learning opportunities

Enable your coaching mentors, contributors and learning team to create new courses and manage learning across your, and other, organisations. Plan and track learning across your organisation with Coach’s Companion.

Create campaign plans

Map out multiple campaign calendars and periodic plans for your organisation. Whilst your coaches develop their season and periodic plans, others might be developing marketing and communication plans.

Build awareness

Position yourself or your organisation as a thought leader. Publish blogs and articles to enhance your club or organisation’s profile and illustrate your values and dedication to your members. Be the team or club that people want to associate with.


Publish your development plans, assessments, courses and campaign calendars on our marketplace for others to purchase, or to share for free among your partners. Feed information down to feeder clubs and talent pathways. 

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