Become the best you can be.

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Player and athlete solutions

To be your best, what do you need to improve?

Here at Coach’s Companion we’re passionate about athlete and player development.

Learn what your strengths and weaknesses really are as an athlete. Then, find programs, plans and people who can help you start your development journey. Whether you play an individual or a team sport, Coach’s Companion helps you to develop the skills and competencies you need to achieve success.

Become the best player you can be.

We’ll be with you all the way to the top.

Have a plan

Begin your development journey by determining your objectives and constructing a development plan. You can adopt objectives and development plans from your sporting organisation or from experts in the field.

Learn about yourself

Become more self-aware. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are, identify and work on your blind spots, and embrace your hidden talents. Review yourself and complete assessments to gain further insight into your development.


Learn the value of collaboration, conversations and reflexive analysis with mentors, peers, your team and partners along your coaching journey.

Learn from the best

Take advantage of available content to learn from experts and peers alike on Coach’s Companion. Track your learning progress and see your skills grow.

Want more?

Along with developing yourself as an athlete or player, do you want to create assessments, courses or campaign calendars to plan out the season for your team? Consider Mentor, Contributor or Team/Club services, or find plans provided by experts on our marketplace.

Get ahead of the game.


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