Define and manage personal and professional development to improve performance for yourself and for your team.

Develop yourself and your team on Coach's Companion.
Define your development plan to begin your development journey.

Define your development plan

With Coach’s Companion, your learning and development journey is off to an easy start.

If you’re in a coaching or teaching role, you can define development areas, create objectives and associate resources and attachments as required, ready for your players or athletes to pick up and start learning. It’s that simple!

Assign and manage development

Managing development is simple, for both you and your team.

It can be tricky to manage the progress of each player in your team. Make it easier by assigning individuals and groups to development objectives, along with mentors to manage their cohort’s progress throughout.

Set a clear path to success for players and athletes. Allow them to progress and complete each objective by using Targets, Actions and participating in Conversations along the way. It’s a win-win for coaches, managers, mentors and athletes.

Assign courses to develop and manage your team
Keep the conversation going to keep developing.

Collaborate and keep developing

Stay in regular touch with your team, collaborate and stay on track to achieving development objectives.

Keeping the conversation going between coach and player is now a whole lot easier. You’ll be able to initiate, manage and review multiple conversation threads regarding a certain objective. And, you can manage all conversations, actions and targets against each objective over time – all in the one place – with Conversations.

Know how your team is progressing

The Development Overview Dashboard takes the guesswork out of your team’s development progress. It’s a game changer for anybody managing a team.

Rich graphical reporting shows the status of your team members in regard to achieving objectives. This also identifies key trends, key statistics and action or alert items simultaneously to keep you up to date. And, you can find the specific piece of data you’re looking for quickly by filtering your reporting dashboard.

Use this information to your advantage. With a clearer idea of where your players are in the development journey, you can enjoy seeing marked improvement throughout your team, with more motivated athletes.

See your team's progress and development

Let's start developing your team.

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