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Easily manage each campaign by building activities in your campaign calendar.

Define & manage self-appraisal and assessments
Planning is easy with your Coach's Companion calendar

Planning made easy: Map out your week, month or season

With Coach’s Companion, planning doesn’t have to be daunting. Use the ‘campaign’ section in your calendar to seamlessly plan your week, month and build up to specific events, with customised formatting and colour to help you map out your training sessions, events, meetings and more.

Are you in charge of the build-up to a specific game or event? Map out all your activity leading up to the big day by creating a campaign, and make sure all your players or teammates won’t miss a session.

You can create multiple draft campaigns by adding appointments to various groups, roles and individuals to map out the activity required in that time period. Event templates make it simple to quickly create events with common features, like attendees, duration and colour or formatting.

When you’ve finished planning and your calendar is ready, simply publish it to automatically send appointments to all relevant participants. Have you mapped out your training sessions for the next month? Your team will now have appointments in their calendars. If you’ve planned your team’s build up to the final, they’ll automatically have your training sessions, reviews, meetings and any other appointments you planned for them in their calendars as soon as you press publish. Talk about efficiency!

Do you have a similar campaign, week or month coming up? Clone your campaign calendar for the next period, make the necessary adjustments, press publish and you’re good to go.

Organise your list

Build and organise your contact list of your members and external contacts.    Have general contacts, candidates, and account contacts. Organise both internal and external contacts together in your defined groups.

Simple contact management with Coach's Companion
Efficient communication using groups on Coach's Companion

Integrate and Automate

Use your contact list and groups for development activities, assessments, appointments and conversations.  Automate and group activities and communication across these groups through Coach’s Companion.

It's about to get so much easier!

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