Define and manage self-appraisal and assessments to see where you are and how you are progressing.

Define & manage self-appraisal and assessments
Create appraisals and assessments for further development.

Create appraisals and assessments

Appraisals and assessments are essential for development – for all positions in a team or organisation. Self-reflection and awareness make better players, better coaches, better managers, and better sport. That’s what we’re here for.

If you’re a coach or manager, set up appraisals and assessments to find out how your team is going. Include multi-level conditional questioning to facilitate deeper understanding and awareness. This helps you to easily determine development needs and assess development progress.

Improve self-awareness and facilitate the feedback loop with the appraisal module.

Assign and manage appraisals and assessments

Coach’s Companion makes managing your assessments simple.

Click into your assessment library to find easy access to all your assessments and their status. If you’ve created assessments, you can assign them to both assignees and reviewers, and engage multiple internal or external reviewers. These could be coaches, mentors, peers, high performance managers or players – the choice is yours.

Give feedback to your players or coaches and get feedback on your own performance with appraisals. Keep track of your own development and help others along the way.

We’re all in this journey to enhance sport together.

Manage your appraisals and assessments in the Assessment Library
Easily keep track of your appraisals, assessments and progress

Keep up to date

Keeping track of your appraisals and progress is easy. Find the status of assessments across your organisation, and act quickly on anything outstanding. Graphical reporting allows you to view assessments completed over time, and enables you to drill down on areas of interest – all from the Assessments section.

Members are able to get a clear view of where they are and how they are progressing along the way. As a result, you’ll see improved development across your team or organisation.

Review and understand assessment outcomes

Want to know the ins and outs of completed assessments so you can find the next step to take?

See the results of responder and reviewer summaries, tracked by performance pillars and competencies in the assessments section. This functionality helps you drill down through pillars to see individual competencies, questions and their responses. Graphical reporting of responses gives you a clear idea of where your players are at, without having to spend precious time evaluating each answer.

You can also identify hidden strengths and blind spots in merge view, then initiate conversations and assign objectives, all from the same section.

Graphs make understanding your assessment outcomes easy.

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