Make managing your people easy. Build team structures and automate activity by defining roles and groups for easy organisation management.


View and manage your organisation

Managing all your team members doesn’t need to cause a headache.

With Coach’s Companion you can view all members and their contact details, filter by role or group, and assign development activities, appraisals and courses – all from the one place.

Define your structure

Coach’s Companion makes it simple to clearly define your organisation’s structure for your members to easily understand. You’ve also got the option to either build hierarchies or embrace the flexibility of distributed leadership.

With this, you can choose to build hierarchies based on worksites, positions and management. Alternatively, you can individually assign mentors, reviewers or wellbeing managers for different activities. The choice is yours.



Collate and automate your roles and groups

Are you working with players or athletes, mentors or facilitators, high-performance managers or specialist coaches? Whichever ones they are, take control with the ability to define roles and groups with your own terminology to suit your needs.

As an administrator in the organisation, you’re in charge. Assign members to various roles and groups to define what they can access, how they use the application and what conversations, appointments, development areas and assessments they belong to.

Create efficiencies with role levels

Save time and money through efficiencies. Who doesn’t want to do that?

Create efficiencies with role levels within your organisation for easier management. Administrators can manage settings, security and users on the platform, and members can manage their own profiles and personal settings where appropriate.

Make the most of the collaborative nature of Coach’s Companion and invite experts and partners from other organisations for specific roles like reviewing, mentoring and administering development. You can provide only the access they need, without complicating the process by allowing access to unnecessary areas.



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