Learn and learn… and keep on learning. Share and manage learning, find courses that suit you, and create learning opportunities for your organisation.

Manage learning opportunities for you, your team and your organisation.
Create courses and learning opportunities

Create rich, interactive and integrated Learning Courses

Have expertise to share? Create courses based on key development objectives and competencies for members and customers.

Build engaging courses with rich content. Including informational and interactive slides, you’ll also have the option to include questions and assessments for assignees and reviewers. Coach’s Companion makes it easy to share your knowledge and learn from experts in other fields, all in the same platform.

Re-use and enhance your existing content

Do you have existing learning material that you want to share on Coach’s Companion? Excellent! There’s no need to start from scratch.

Save yourself the time and hassle of recreating your learning material for different platforms. Simply import existing content such as PowerPoint, Word, PDF, video and audio files, images and other documents, links and files straight into your course – and you’re ready to go.


Build courses with content you have already created.
Import video content to make interactive courses.

Use video to your advantage

Remove the guesswork and easily gauge peoples’ understanding of a topic with video responses. Video responses from players, coaches and officials will clearly demonstrate their competence in certain areas and provides valuable feedback on strengths and weaknesses. There’s nowhere to hide gaps in knowledge with a video response!

You also have the option to engage coach development and high-performance managers, peers, players and specialists to provide feedback on these responses, giving athletes a quality, interactive online learning experience.

Clear progression and development

Make the most of your development journey. Each course can be associated with development objectives, assessments and other courses to provide a developmental package for clear learning progression.

With courses structured in modules and topics, it’s easy to see the development through each course and objective, as both the facilitator and the student. Learning Pods can also be created for progression through multiple courses.


Associate courses with development objectives or assessments to see clear progression
Track learning and development on the learning management dashboard

See learning in action

Stay up-to-date with courses you have created. Keep track of what’s being purchased, learned and completed from your course library on your Learning Management Dashboard.

The dashboard will also show you the details of each course status, including assignees and their progress, as they work through each of your courses.

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