Communicate via our Conversations module, integrated throughout the product for deep collaboration, and available in both the web and mobile app.

Easily communicate and collaborate with your team, using Conversations.
Communication is easy with the Conversations module


It’s communication made easy with Coach’s Companion.

This module lets you communicate with anyone – whether they’re in your team, across your organisation, or a peer, partner or mentor from a different organisation.

You’re not limited to text, either. Engage in rich digital discussions with video, audio, hyperlinks and attachments, and organise them with titles, tags and related objectives.

With notifications synced across your desktop, tablet or mobile devices, you’ll never miss a message again.

Convenient referencing for easy access

Keep all your relevant conversations in one place for quick and easy access. With the ability to reference and record objectives, courses, assessments, wellbeing and more, you’ll conveniently find all your relevant discussions under each section. This also lets you maintain multiple threads with different participants, titles and objectives easily.

Losing important conversations within the threads of others? That’s a thing of the past.


Referencing makes finding your conversations easy.
Finding the conversation you need is easy, with filters, referencing and search capability.

Find the conversations you're looking for

Find the conversations you need, at any time, with ease.

All discussions are recorded for quick reference and search capabilities. With this, you can view, filter and search through every conversation you’re involved in across Coach’s Companion.

Need to add participants, change existing conversations or create new ones to manage separate threads? No problem. Make the Conversations module work for you.


Want better communication?

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