Be the best that you can be.

Continue on your development journey as an umpire, referee or official.

Solutions for officials

Do you have support through your organisation, and are you experienced enough to help and support others?

Develop and improve your standing as an umpire, referee or official.

Develop the standing of your sport.

Have a plan

Begin your development journey with Coach’s Companion by identifying the characteristics of a good umpire, referee or official. Create a development plan to start developing those characteristics, or follow plans from your sporting organisation.

Learn about yourself

Become reliable, consistent and self-aware. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, communicate well, make good decisions under pressure, act with integrity and exude confidence to further succeed in your role within your organisation.


Learn the value of collaboration, conversations and reflexive analysis with mentors, peers, your team and partners along your journey to development.

Learn from the best

Become a better referee, umpire or official through taking advantage of available content to learn from experts and peers alike on Coach’s Companion.

Want more?

Do you want to create assessments, courses or campaign calendars to plan out the season for your team? Consider Mentor, Contributor or Team/Club services, or find plans provided by experts on our marketplace.

Be the best in the business.


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