Contribute to our journeys in sport.

Share your knowledge and help others grow.

Become a contributor

Have you learnt the tricks of the trade and progressed through sport over the years?

Have you researched, educated yourself, learnt from others and now have knowledge to share?

Contribute to our community’s development journey and help them succeed. Send your message out to the world with Coach’s Companion.

Create development plans

Contribute to share your expertise. Create objectives and construct development plans to publish, share and sell to any organisation. Assign, track, manage and report on activity or your cohort’s progress, all on Coach’s Companion.

Help others learn about themselves

Be an expert and mentor others. Design, assign and review assessments to help coaches, players and officials learn and become self-aware, find their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots, and embrace hidden talent.


Facilitate conversations and reflexive analysis across your team. Collaborate by creating and managing conversations with your own teams, customers and contacts about development plans, assessments, courses, appointments, meetings and more.

Create learning opportunities

Create new courses with rich features, and the ability to integrate your existing content. Assign relevant learning activities, and manage the learning process and outcomes for your team, partners and clients from other organisations.

Create campaign plans

Map out campaign calendars and create periodic plans for organisations with Coach’s Companion. Develop and deliver a whole suite of activities for a season, and associate development activities, assessments and learning with your campaign schedules.

Publish, present & build awareness

Publish your development plans, assessments, courses and campaign calendars for others to purchase on our marketplace – or share them for free. The choice is yours. Enhance your profile by producing blogs and articles.

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Do you also want to manage a whole team, club or organisation? Consider our Team/Club services to help onboard and manage large teams.

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