Take your team to the top.

Attract and retain the best clients and athletes, using the best in appraisal and pipeline management.

Agent solutions

Manage the process

Publish and advertise vacancies or opportunities for free. Automate the process by building talent pathways and recruitment, onboarding and player development pipelines, with athlete and candidate history tracking. Have the best system, share it with your clients and collaborate for better outcomes.

Develop your team

Create objectives and construct development plans to publish and share across your teams or with other organisations. Make the most of each player by developing the whole person in addition to the athlete, and show your clients how you develop your athletes through their whole journey.

Recruit the best & help them learn

Design, assign and review assessments for recruitment, onboarding, talent pathways and appraisal to improve your team. Lead them on their journey to become self-aware. Share relevant information with objective results and strengthen your capability to provide the best talent.

Identify talent

It’s easy to work out where your future talent will come from, using the 9 box performance matrix and heat maps on Coach’s Companion. Simplify decision making by capturing historical movements of performance over time and viewing graphical analysis of trends.


Easily communicate and collaborate with your team, potential candidates and clients on Coach’s Companion. Foster a culture of collaboration and engagement to see your team progress.

Create learning opportunities

Become a trusted advisor. Create new courses, enhance the marketable skills of your team and provide related services, training and advice for your team, clients and partners.

Build awareness

Enhance your profile. Write and publish blogs or articles to position yourself or your organisation as a thought leader – and build awareness in the process.


Publish and market your content and services to your clients and partners, with the ability to share and consume information from other organisations.

Want more?

Do you also want to create repeatable recruitment and development campaign plans, or manage a whole team, club or organisation? Consider our Team/Club services to help onboard and manage large teams.

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