Where is your talent coming from? Engage the best talent, individualise your offerings, track progression, compare and identify areas for improvement.

Define & manage self-appraisal and assessments
Track your team's progress with Coach's Companion

Thinking inside and outside the box

Tracking the progress of your talent just got a whole lot easier.

Based on the proven 9 box performance matrix, the grid in your Succession Plan captures your team’s performance over time to highlight individuals’ value and potential in your team.

Efficiently identify exceptional team members for promotion when the time comes, and know who you should consider replacing next season – all from this one page.


When the heat is on, who do you turn to

Avoid stress when the pressure’s on to recruit new team members.

Find the gaps that you need to fill before you need to fill them by using the heat map on Coach’s Companion. Here, you’ll also be able to see graphical analysis of trends over time, with progress or potential internal moves displayed – making decisions in your team so much easier.


Heat map for easier decision making on Coach's Companion
Efficient communication using groups on Coach's Companion

Integrate and Automate

Use your contact list and groups for development activities, assessments, appointments and conversations.  Automate and group activities and communication across these groups through Coach’s Companion.

Make the most of your team's talent.

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