Manage your contact list within and outside your organisation.
Group and automate activity across groups for simple contact management.

Define & manage self-appraisal and assessments
Connect easily with your contacts on Coach's Companion


Connect easily with partners, peers, mentors and other contacts on Coach’s Companion. It’s simple – all you have to do is invite them to connect with you, then start communicating and collaborating!

Organise your contact list

As your contact list grows, Coach’s Companion makes organising each member and external contact easy, using groups.

The process is simple. First, you’ll decide how to segment your contacts. Then, all you need to do is create your groups and organise both internal and external contacts as you wish. Use groups to your advantage, like setting up a ‘team’ conversation thread if you’re a player, or assigning the same objective to a whole team if you’re a coach, manager or mentor.

Simple contact management with Coach's Companion
Efficient communication using groups on Coach's Companion

Integrate and automate

Save time with an organised contact list. You can automate and group activities and communication across your groups for development activities, assessments, appointments and conversations.

Coach’s Companion makes it efficient to assign development, appraisal or learning tasks to groups. Alternatively, start a conversation with a singular group to include as many people as you like. With the ability to view and report on activities collectively as groups, integration and automation is a breeze with Contact Management.



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