Manage your calendar, receive reminders, review and complete activity.

Be informed. 

Easily create calendar events and appointments on Coach's Companion

Easily manage your calendar appointments

Calendar management made simple.

Manage your calendar with your team within Coach’s Companion, including associating conversations, actions and targets with set appointments. You can also save more time by using the power of contact groups to quickly assign appointments to multiple people.

Never miss a thing

Be confident that you won’t miss important activity again.

Notifications and reminders will inform you of anything that may require your attention. These include important activity and conversations among your team or organisation, assessment or review deadlines looming, and calendar or campaign appointments coming up. Now you can stop worrying!


Keep up to date with notifications on Coach's Companion
Sync notifications with your email on Coach's Companion

Sync your notifications with email

Want to receive notifications and calendar reminders across platforms? By syncing all notifications and conversations with your email, you won’t skip a beat while you’re out and about.

Be notified, take action

Take control by initiating actions from your notifications bar as soon as activity happens.

This includes replying quickly to conversations and accepting appointments directly from each notification. Saving precious time and ensuring you don’t forget to action anything, it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Take action from your notifications on Coach's Companion

Start managing your day.

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