Capture your organisation’s mood, find areas of wellbeing that need attention and build development activities to support the growth you or your team needs.

Easy wellbeing tracking with Coach's Companion

Define your wellbeing categories

You’re in control here. Define your own categories to record and track mood and wellbeing, for you, your team or your organisation.

Stay informed by tracking wellbeing to be able to make the most of your team and understand when changes need to happen, for your team and for yourself.

Effective mood tracking and reporting

Remove the guesswork and get real data on your team’s mood and wellbeing. With effective reporting, it’s easy to identify areas where you’re doing well as a team, and where improvement is needed.

Have you been thinking about certain areas within your team where mood isn’t as good as you desire? Find out for sure in your team’s wellbeing report and decide how to take action. The results will speak for themselves.


Track your team's wellbeing on Coach's Companion
Improve your team's performance with wellbeing tracking

But how are you really going?

Want to know how a team member is really doing and why they feel the way they do? Start a private conversation to find answers and see improvements in player morale.

Are there issues with athlete recovery? Is your team having enough recreational time and investing in their life outside the sphere of your club? Do you have an accurate gauge to wellness across your organisation? Find out, then use the information to your team’s advantage to improve your team’s wellbeing.


Get better results with wellbeing management.

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