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There is so much good to be found in sport.

There is inevitable growth through sport; personal growth for all those involved.

Some of us will never grow more than when we are coaching and helping to develop others. It’s a double rainbow – every week.

Sport captures our imagination. It encourages us to lead a healthy and active life. It is in some regards, a great equaliser.

There are so many great people and so many great minds across our sporting landscapes.

There are people whose knowledge, processes and effort can improve the capabilities and outcomes of others.

Is this you? Can this be you? Do you improve kids who turn up on a Saturday morning, or improve elite athletes to become better athletes (while acting with dignity and respect).

Sport can improve people all over the world to feel good about themselves and feel good about others.

As coaches and athletes, we have the power to not only improve ourselves and our teams, but we have influence to improve others, including our opponents.

We can determine whether we, and others, enjoy our sport by the actions we take every day.

At Coach’s Companion, we want to harness all that is good about sport.

We want to celebrate the people and knowledge and potential that exists throughout sport.

But we can’t do it alone.

We need you to be a voice to make our message louder.

If you think you can help Coach’s Companion to harness the goodness of sport, we would appreciate your contribution.

Tell us what you think is great about sport. How can we grow through sport? What is achievement in sport? What are the competencies and skills that can make us achieve through sport, and in life?

Can you help lead your team in this area? Can you get your team together and help them grow as athletes … as players … as people?

Are you an expert with specific elite coaching or more generic leadership, management and communication skills that can help build a body of knowledge that helps others. Or can you inspire others with your stories?




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