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Work on the move? We’ve got you covered with customised mobile designs for the features you’ll need most on the go.

Easy access to conversations with the Coach's Companion app

Communicate anywhere

Keeping in touch while you’re on the go is easy with the Coach’s Companion app. Start or continue conversations and add video or audio to your conversations, appraisals and learning wherever you are.

Want to keep track of important messages like game times or meeting points? Threaded conversations take care of that, with easy access to the conversations you need to find quickly.

Collaborate and complete tasks

Collaboration doesn’t have to be hard when you’re busy.

With the Coach’s Companion app in hand, you can get in touch with your teammates, coach, mentor, manager or players to collaborate, complete appraisals and reviews and even finish your admin tasks while you’re out and about. How easy is that!

Collaborate and complete tasks with the Coach's Companion app
Keep connected with your team on the Coach's Companion app

Keep connected for when it matters most

Keep connected with your team while you’re on the move with the Coach’s Companion app.

You’ll be able to complete development, assessment and activity tasks, make or accept appointments, and record goals, progress and mood – all from the app. Receive notifications for the messages and activities that matter most, so you don’t miss a thing, even when you’re busy.

Want to keep Coach’s Companion with you on your phone or tablet? The mobile app will be available soon for iOS and Android. Watch this space!

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