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Dave Hadfield is a big name in the New Zealand rugby scene, and for good reason!

Dave is well-known for being one of New Zealand’s most experienced mental skills trainers and coach educators and mentors. He has an extensive background in leadership, coaching and sport psychology, with considerable experience in elite level rugby and cricket coaching.

In addition to his extensive sporting background, Dave has a Masters degree in Psychology, B.A in Social Sciences and a Diploma in Management, along with level 3 coaching status from both New Zealand Cricket and the Australian Cricket Board.

Dave is also currently consulting extensively to the Toronto Blue Jays Major League baseball organisation.

Dave runs his own boutique consultancy service, MindPlus, which focuses on mental skills training, business coaching and high-performance coaching. He offers mentoring and coaching for elite sport coaches and business executives to improve areas such as developing team culture, structures, systems and stress management.


  • Roger Bould

    Hi Dave
    I read your note about Socrates vs Maximus Decimus Meridius in the Joggers newsletter.
    Totally agree with it. The biggest advantage as I see it is the person I’m coaching doesn’t get the feeling I’m being critical.
    For example, when I was giving my grandson a driving lesson, we came along Raumati Road to the junction with State Highway 1. He stopped (there was a stop sign) and then. as he turned north on SH1, saw the car coming along at 100 K’s, but didn’t stay in the slip lane on the left. The guy in the other car went past him anyway, with his hand on the horn.
    I said: “Find a good place to stop and park there.”
    We stopped and I started with :”OK What happened back there?” The discussion lasted nearly five minutes, with options, exactly as you outlined.
    Same when I was coaching a bunch of 10 year olds in a football match. The opposition had a goal kick. I yelled; “Who’s he going to kick it to?” and everybody looked about and moved to mark a man. Over the years they blended into a bloody good team. It was a pleasure coaching them
    Thanks for the missive

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