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Record attendance on timesheets, create rosters and have your team record their own availability.

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Know your team’s availability

Keeping track of your team members’ availability can be time consuming – but not anymore with Coach’s Companion! With our availability and rostering section, knowing when your team members are available is easy.

Simply get each member to update their calendars with times when they’re busy, and when they’re available for trainings, meetings, volunteering or other activities, so you can spend more time planning the training sessions and events – and less time on back-and-forth admin.

Manage attendance with rostering

Managing your teams, volunteers and coaches is a whole lot easier with our rostering tool.

Use the calendar to roster your volunteers for game days or coaches for training sessions, to easily keep track of who’s going to be working or attending and when. With a simple calendar view, you can clearly see what’s planned, so you can avoid making costly mistakes in the future.

Simple contact management with Coach's Companion
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Keep track of attendance

Finding it hard to track attendance for things like coaching, training or volunteering sessions? We’ve got you sorted.

Using timesheets on Coach’s Companion, you can easily track each team member’s attendance and activity to know who’s doing well and who needs further monitoring, without having to spend much time figuring it out.

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