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Define & manage self-appraisal and assessments

Our Sales CRM makes it easy to record your sales and consumption of your content on our Coach’s Companion marketplace

Qualify and manage prospects and opportunities with sales pipelines, as well as automate tasks, appraisals and documentation.

Easily manage your accounts and contact management, by organisation or by sales person, and capture and record activity with mail, calendar, conversation and website integration.

Connect easily with your contacts on Coach's Companion

Record sales and engagement with your content

Keeping track of your content sales and engagement is easy with Coach’s Companion.

View your total items sold, how many courses have been assigned and completed, and all activity surrounding your content for sale. Stop guessing what’s happening and make better decisions with real data and graphical reporting in the Sales CRM.

Use sale pipelines to your advantage

Streamline your sales process with easy qualification and management of prospects and opportunities using sales pipelines.

Simple contact management with Coach's Companion
Efficient communication using groups on Coach's Companion

Easy account management

Save time with better management of your accounts and contacts in the Coach’s Companion Sales CRM.

Organise your contacts by salesperson or organisation, and with mail, calendar, conversation and website integration, you can easily capture and record activity as it happens.

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