Coach Learning and Development (CLAD) Community

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by Ashley Ross, Coach Learning Solutions

About your Coach Learning and Development (CLAD) Community

We want our coaches to be life long, voracious learners so our learning and development offer must meet their needs.  

All our coaches are adults and empirical research shows that adults want to learn in ways different from traditional courses and accreditation alone.  Latest research shows they want to exercise choice and be selfdirected in what and how they learn, generally in more informal and social learning environments.

The CLAD Community places a formal structure, led by a Community Curator, around this self-directed, informal and social learning environment.  All knowledge established by Community members will be aggregated into a CLAD Community Resource Library for community wide access.  Supported by members of the community observing each other in situ, behavioural change as opposed to mere knowledge transfer will be achieved.

The CLAD Community, ensuring our coaches learn and develop by design, not by chance.

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